KSK people

Ekaterina SAZHINA

Leading Information Systems Specialist, IT Department, Moscow

- I work at KSC information technology department and participate in automation projects based on 1C-Enterprise. At my job, I appreciate the opportunity to develop, to carry out the most daring professional ideas, and take part in the large-scope trend automation projects.
It is important that KSC brings together open, friendly people who maintain an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual support.


Assembly fitter at Trax LLC, Мытищи, Московская область

- I joined the Trax team three years ago. I like dealing with sophisticated machines and mechanisms. I even chose education in this sphere and graduated from the training school with honors. I come here feeling interested and excited and immerse myself in the working environment.

Our main value is our team that is close-knit and ready to help each other. I could feel it myself when I was new here. I already had experience with and understanding of such systems, but everything is always unfamiliar at a new place - process equipment and production processes. My colleagues helped me to quickly learn everything and become a full-fledged member of our big and very friendly team. Now, whenever me or other guys have any questions, we always help each other out. This is something you can’t do without, mutual support is essential.

If you are just choosing a profession, here is my advice: don’t be afraid of complex devices and go into the machine-building industry - it is actually a fascinating field


Leading tooling design engineer at PF KMT, St Petersburg

- I joined PF KMT immediately after university as a tooling design engineer. I have always found designing exciting and the company representatives took this into account when interviewing me. I was young and green and was so scared to fail the tasks assigned, but my supervisor said back then: "Nobody is born a professional, we'll teach you everything." And indeed they taught me, supported me and helped me become a competent specialist and I am endlessly grateful to the entire team for that.

Now, with five years of experience under my belt, I have grown to become a leading tooling design engineer. Our small group develops jigs (welding, mounting, assembly jigs, etc.). PF KMT uses more than 8,000 items of such equipment.

I can’t imagine my life without drawing and designing, so KSC gave me a sense of purpose and enabled me to realize my potential.

Mikhail KOGOL

Head of Production at Separate Subdivision of Research and Production Association, Tver

- I came into machine building because I enjoy creating useful things for people. I learned the ins and outs of fiberglass production, gained a lot of experience in this area. I have been working at KSC since December 2020 and have successfully applied my knowledge and experience. I have an exciting job - our large team develops interior components for passenger coaches, which then take people on trips.

I used to think the plant was a dirty production site where people get low wages. But my work at KSC dispelled this stereotype at once - the wages are decent, above average and production shops are clean, modern and technologically advanced. We are creating new things, benefit the community and that is very inspiring indeed!


Leading Process Engineer at KSC Metallkomplekt, Tver

- My future manager suggested I join the company. By that time, railway transport was already a familiar and interesting topic for me, I had work experience in this sphere. Nevertheless, when I first learned about KSC, I had no idea that the company was so huge, rapidly gaining momentum and developing its potential. During three years, our team has grown from four to thirty people, and these are top-notch, competent professionals. By the way, all of them are able to create a friendly atmosphere among team members, not only highly-demanded products.

I am in charge of a wide variety of tasks in the company: from the construction of new workshops to arranging workplaces and production as a whole. During the time I have been working here, I have developed many skills, gained valuable experience and continue building it up day by day.


Head of the internal equipment department at KSC Engineering, Tver

- I've been employed with KSC for over a year now. The industry prospects and the company scope attracted me when I was choosing my job. I'm lucky - at KSC I feel to be a part of an important common cause. It's great to see my ideas implemented in products that millions of people use every day.

It is important for me that the company actively trains its employees - it took me one year to successfully finish several training programs here, to participate, together with my colleagues, in the All-Russian national competition, and to grow from a specialist all the way to the manager. I am glad that the company has an official and stable salary, comfortable working conditions and all the opportunities for career development. We have a nice, friendly team and after work my colleagues and I take part in sports events, intellectual games and charity projects.”


Setup operator-installer of the 5th category at Separate Subdivision of KSС Drive Systems, St Petersburg

- I joined the KSC team in July 2020, before that I worked in the equipment assembly industry as well. That’s an interesting job, I am generally good with my hands. To be a good installer, you should be attentive, persevering and persistent. If you possess all these qualities, you are sure to succeed! Currently I am assembling control units for railroad transport at the Separate Subdivision of KSС Drive Systems, before I was assembling traction storage units, which was an interesting experience as well.

I enjoy the atmosphere at our production: the site is clean and quiet and decent working conditions have been created for employees. In the morning I am happy to go to work. And, of course, I am glad and proud that the new comfortable transport is running all over the country and I’ve contributed to making that happen.

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