Youth Council

The KSC Youth Council was established in April 2019. The organization brings together the company employees under the age of 35.

The Youth Council activists include representatives of all KSC companies of different professions.

Today, the Youth Council forms an integral part of KSC. The young people are the ones to determine the formats and activities based on what they find interesting and relevant. Each participant can find something to his or her liking from the Council's list of activities.

Areas of work

  • Research activities
  • Cultural and sports events
  • Civic patriotic, volunteer, charity, environmental and other social projects
Young activists arrange holidays for children of KSC employees, volunteer at city festivals and sports events, participate in neighborhood clean-ups, help the disabled, elderly people and veterans, organize events at orphanages, represent the company in various competitions, conferences and forums, organize patriotic events and activities, act as donors, play intellectual games, take part in the Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted and dance projects, organize and hold career guidance events for schoolchildren and students, implement streamlining proposals.

The Youth Council members have a unique opportunity to share best practices with colleagues from other enterprises, attend major youth gatherings and forums, scientific conferences, and exhibitions.

Interaction between the Youth Council and the KSC Group management is based on the principles of social partnership and mutual cooperation.

Youth Council Objectives

  • Creating stable conditions at the enterprises that will attract young people
  • Developing professional competencies and potential of young employees
  • Building a team and uniting young workers by involving them into social, sports, research and cultural life
  • Involving young people into resolving corporate tasks to the extent possible
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