KSC Electrotech

  • 900 + employees
  • 160 000  m2
    of production

  • sites
    in Russia,
    the CIS,
    other countries 
  • Complete
    of production:
    from a concept
    to batch production

The KSC Electrotech Division is responsible for the development, manufacture, testing and supply of complete drive systems and related electrical and electronic equipment, including drive control systems and train systems controls.

The products of the Division are developed and manufactured for delivery to TMH companies and to the foreign market. The division conducts active and successful work in the field of localization of imported developments in Russia, to establish production facilities.

Products are manufactured in accordance with the standards of IRIS, ISO 9001-2015, ISO/TS:22163 and other standards.



  • Complete drive systems
  • Traction converters (inverters), reversible converters (VIP), utility converters (PSN)
  • Traction motors, traction generators, auxiliary electric machines, gear-and-motor units and their components (gearboxes, couplings)
  • Transformers
  • Hardware (integrated electrical equipment complexes), power storage units and battery equipment of rolling stock, electronic components and other electrical products
  • Control systems (including control systems for rolling stock and anti-skid systems)
  • Other components of the drive systems, including brake resistors, upstream (mains) chokes.


3 enterprise
Elektrovypryamitel-SPK LLC Saransk
JSC REZ (AS Rīgas elektromašīnbūves rūpnīca) Riga, Latvia


Head of Division
Sergey Rebotenko
Building 1, 26 Butyrsky val, Moscow
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