KhTK Trading House

  • 150 + employees
  • 5 

KhTK Trading House offers a full range of services related to the sale of products manufactured by KSC Group of Companies.

KhTK Trading House is constantly working to improve its offer on the market by reducing the delivery time and customizing the product to meet the needs of a client. Ongoing interaction of KhTK Trading House with design bureaus and technical specialists of production sites provides for increasing the level of manufacturability and quality of components.

The head office of the company is located in Moscow, separate subdivisions operate in Bryansk, Demikhovo, Tver, Novocherkassk and Mytishchi. KhTK Trading House has more than 150 employees.

KhTK Trading House sells products of the following divisions of KSC Group of Companies:

  • Climate Control Equipment

  • Electronic and Electrical Components

  • Drive Systems

  • Interior and Exterior

Key personnel to contact regarding the issues related to product deliveries

  • Climate control equipment, interior and exterior: Titov Sergey Alexandrovich, Climate Control and Braking Equipment Procurement Director —

  • Electronic and electrical components, drive systems: Stanko Evgeny Sergeyevich, Director for Procurement of Electrical Products —


General director
Kremnev Nikita Beniaminovich
Building 1, 26 Butyrsky val, Moscow, 127055
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