Charity and Volunteering

The development of charity and volunteer projects, the creation of a comfortable environment and the improvement of the social climate in the regions where KSC companies operate is one of our absolute priorities.

KSC Group of Companies develops and supports the volunteer initiatives of their employees. Volunteers being the specialists of the group's companies arrange festivals for the children of their colleagues and for the children raised in orphanages, provide all possible assistance to the disabled persons and retirees, participate in arrangement of city-scale festivals, organize occupational guidance events for schoolchildren and students.

During the pandemic, when most medical institutions are experiencing a critical shortage of resources and equipment, we consider supporting hospitals and clinics whose personnel are fighting the COVID-19 coronavirus infection to be especially important. Among them are the Oblast Clinical Hospital and the Kalinin Central District Clinical Hospital in Tver, the Kameshkovo Central District Hospital of the Vladimir Oblast, the Vladimir City Clinical Hospital of Emergency Medical Care “Red Cross”, the University Clinic of the Tver State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of Russia. KSC Group of Companies provides assistance to medical institutions in close cooperation with the Union of Machine Builders of Russia, state authorities and local governments, in addition to the measures taken at the state level.

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