Interaction With Industry Associations

KSC Group of Companies actively cooperates with leading industry unions and public and business associations.

Interaction is carried out in various formats, including meetings on live issues, conducting joint events, developing proposals for amendments to regulatory framework, and exchanging experience.

The joint work of KSC with representatives of the public and non-profit public organizations is both planned / systematic, and situational, depending upon the needs to analyse and solve emerging problems.
KSC and the companies within the Group of Companies are members of the following associations.
Union of Machine Builders of Russia

All-Russian Industrial Association of Employers “Union of Machine Builders of Russia” (OOOR “Soyuzmash of Russia”) unites industrial sector employers operating in the field of mechanical engineering and metalworking, and in the related industries, as well. KSC Group of Companies has been a member of the Association since 2019.

Soyuzmash of Russia was established in 1998 to represent the interests and protect the rights of machine-building enterprises in their relations with trade unions, state authorities, local governments, other associations of employers, and with international organizations as well. Formalized mechanisms of interaction with state authorities allow the Association to promote the consolidated position of the business community.

KSC is an active participant of the Union “Soyuzmash of Russia”. In close cooperation with the branches of the Union of Machine Builders of Russia in the regions where KSC companies operate, the company regularly participates in the Union's activities aimed at the development of the domestic machine-building sector, including the projects related to the legislative, regulatory, political, educational, social and charitable aspects.

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Association of Railway Equipment Manufacturers

Non-profit Partnership “Association of Railway Equipment Manufacturers” (NP OPZhT) unites more than 100 manufacturers of railway products, industry institutes and associations. KSC Group of Companies has been a member of the Partnership since 2020.

The NP OPZhT Partnership was established in 2017. The main objectives of the Partnership include:

  • Protection of the rights and legitimate interests of railway engineering companies
  • Promoting competition
  • Promoting the creation of an up-to-date regulatory and technical framework that would meet the requirements of international standards
  • Promoting product quality improvement

The membership in NP OPZhT Partnership allows KSC Group of Companies to establish closer cooperation with Russian developers and manufacturers of railway equipment in terms of mastering new quality standards and management practices, to speed up the processes of coordination and implementation of technical solutions between partner organizations in order to enhance the consumer and operational characteristics of the equipment produced by KSC companies, enables following the contemporary trends in the development of the industry and contribute to improving the competitiveness of Russian railway equipment.

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Sastainable Development Association of Industrial Companies

The Sastainable Development Association of Industrial Companies (former Anti-Corruption Association of Machine-Building Industry Companies) was established in 2020 on the initiative of the leading transport engineering companies. The mission of the Association recognizes the conscious integration of machine-building industry companies into the global processes of bearing the responsibility by business with respect to the state, society, partners and consumers.

The founders of the Association rely upon the compliance with the principles of fair competition and intolerance to any forms of discrimination of market participants since those ideas are a prerequisite for assuring the atmosphere of trust that is necessary for the progressive development of the machine building industry.

The main forms of the Association activities are the development of methodological recommendations, conducting training events, coordinating proposals for improving the regulatory framework, monitoring the practical implementation of measures and analysing effectiveness of the same.

KSC is one of the founders of the Association.

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Russian Wind Industry Association

The Russian Wind Industry Association (RAVI) is an independent non-profit organization that has been operating since 2004 and is developing the wind energy market in Russia.

The mission of the Association is to provide members with real support for entering the market, mastering production and obtaining orders for components of wind turbines, for design engineering, construction and logistics services.

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