Mission and values

The KSK mission is the comfort and safety of your reality.

Day after day throughout life, a person creates his or her own reality. Its key components are thoughts and feelings, attitudes and experiences, processes and results. Billions of people - billions of realities.

We want everyone's reality to be safe and comfortable.

Offering comprehensive solutions for the engineering industry, shaping the image of modern technological transport, we strive to ensure the comfort and safety of our passengers with every detail.

By opening promising production facilities, implementing the best management practices, developing the regions of presence, we create a comfortable and safe environment for our employees.

Responsible for the quality of products, ensuring predictability and transparency of business processes, we guarantee our partners that it is reliable, safe and comfortable to work with us.

Our values
We are proud that KSK is a team of true professionals in their field. We build equal partnerships with each other, openly share our thoughts, ask questions, offer ideas. The atmosphere of mutual respect, trust and recognition allows us to find the most interesting, non-trivial, innovative engineering solutions and effectively implement them.
Developing ourselves, we develop the team and our common cause. We bring together enthusiastic, not indifferent to new people, create an environment for them to grow, create learning opportunities in promising areas and disciplines. We strive to obtain interesting and useful knowledge from all available sources and are happy to share it with colleagues. We are convinced that the most promising investment is an investment in the development of each of us.
We are open to the future and are not afraid to abandon outdated approaches. We are convinced that innovation can make our world a better and more efficient place. Every day we are looking for, developing, testing and implementing the latest technologies in order to make a breakthrough and offer a promising, competitive product to both the Russian and global markets. Creativity, courage and the ability to dream big help us shape the future of the transportation industry.
We are fully responsible for the quality of our products, the health and well-being of our team members, environmental protection in the regions of our presence and the optimal use of resources. We are not afraid to openly admit our mistakes - their analysis helps us to effectively minimize the consequences, draw conclusions and, as a result, become even stronger. Our culture is a culture of responsibility for process safety and quality of the result
Our goal is to make the company the undisputed leader of the Russian market of components and components, creating a high-quality and promising product that best meets the expectations of our customers and end consumers. Each of us, doing our job, strives to achieve a common goal.

We are convinced that behind the successful development of a company is always the acceptance and separation shared values ​​by each team member

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