KSC Group Embarks on Modernization of its Blank Production Facility in Saransk

5 June 2024

PJSC Electrovypryamitel (part of the Project Office of KSC Group) has launched into operation a line of equipment for blank production. The new installations enabled to boost the processing capacity of the components for converter equipment and semiconductor devices by several times.

Two vertical milling centers and two numerically controlled (CNC) turning machines for blanking operations involved in the production of components for semiconductor devices and converter equipment were put into operation.

The new ATTA VMC1160 and ATTA VMC855 vertical milling centers machine blanks of coolers used for the converters, VIP-4000-2M and M-TPP-3600 series, designed for railway transport. The installation performs a full cycle of milling, marking, drilling, countersinking, tapping and other operations.

Two CNC turning centers are used to machine copper rods for semiconductor products. The new numerically-controlled equipment saves working time by almost a third compared to the turning machines of old design. The daily capacity of the complexes is about 480 products. In the future, the equipment will be fitted with a robot-equipped manipulator for picking up and installing blanks, which will also significantly increase the speed of manufacturing parts.

The new line of equipment was installed to modernize PJSC Elektrovypryamitel blank production shop that is manufacturing a wide range of hardware products, various parts for semiconductor devices and converter equipment. Conducting manufacturing improvements aimed at increasing production volumes, reducing labor intensity and enhancing product quality is one of the strategic objectives of the enterprise.

About KSC Group:
Key Systems and Components (KSC) Group was established in November 2017. It unites more than 40 Russian enterprises engaged in producing equipment and components for the transport engineering industry. KSC production facilities are located in ten regions of Russia and employ more than 12,500 people. KSC Group is a member of the Union of Machine Builders of Russia.

About PJSC Electrovypryamitel:
PJSC Electrovypryamitel was founded in 1941 and is part of the Project Office of KSC Group. The company specializes in the production of semiconductor power devices, converter equipment and electrical products for power engineering, transport, metallurgy and other industries. It is located in Saransk and employs more than 2,500 people.
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