Igor Rudenya, the Governor of Tver Region, Andrey Bokarev, President of TMH, and Kirill Lipa, CEO of TMH, Visit KSC Industrial Technopark

On 1 June, Governor Igor Rudenya of Tver Region, Andrey Bokarev, President of TMH, and Kirill Lipa, CEO of TMH, Board Member and Chairman of the Transport Engineering Committee at the Russian Engineering Union, paid a visit to the KSC industrial technopark in Tver. Dmitriy Komissarov, Chairman of the Board of Directors at TMH, and Taras Spivak, General Director of KSC LLC, also attended the events.

Head of the region and TMH management, accompanied by top managers of KSC Group, inspected the technopark manufacturing facilities: electronic and electrical components shops, interior and exterior, pre-production, climate control equipment, etc.

The KSC Industrial Technopark project commenced in 2018. The 1st production train was opened in late 2020. As of now, the site hosts 8 entities with the overall staff of more than 1,000 employees. The KSC Industrial Technopark manufacturers focus on the production of equipment and components for transport engineering, namely for passenger cars, metro cars, special-purpose cars, and other types of vehicles. Manufacturers from the TMH, specifically Tver Carriage Works are the main users of products offered by the technopark residents.

Within 2021, the KSC Industrial Technopark will be provided with all the necessary technological infrastructure. To date, investments in the project exceeded RUB 3.5 billion. The overall expected amount of investment is more than RUB 5 billion, with presence of 19 resident companies and setting up to 3,000 jobs by the end of 2024.

As part of the Small and Medium Entrepreneurship and Support for Individual Entrepreneurial Initiative nationwide project, in 2020 the management company of the KSC Industrial Technopark received more than RUB 250 million to reimburse some of the equipment acquisition costs. Similar scope of state aid is planned for this year.

The partnership with TMH enabled to resume manufacturing activities in Tver Region, at the site of what formerly used to be the Torzhok Carriage Works, where another work meeting took place. Over the past few years, establishing a fundamentally new manufacturing facility was underway at the site, Kirill Lipa noted. Torzhok is now the venue for the KSC Metallkomplekt, the cutting and pre-production facility, which is a hub for pre-production of metal blanks and items for the THM and KSC businesses. In 2019-2021, the predicted amount of investment in manufacturing at the Torzhok site stands at RUB 2.2 billion, with more than 100 jobs created so far. The expected production output is up to 40,000 tons of rolled metal sheets and plates.

Igor Rudenya, the Governor of Tver Region:

- It has become possible for us to achieve higher import substitution parameters. Investors play the crucial role here. They implement and develop innovative technology and approaches to manufacturing processes. KSC products are more than capable to compete with the foreign peers and are dramatically better than the latter. For the region, this primarily implies new jobs. Nowadays, our residents have the ability to operate the state-of-the-art equipment.

Taras Spivak, General Director of KSC Group:

- Within a few years, the KSC Industrial Technopark becomes a full-scale competence center for fabrication of components and accessories for the transport, and a substantial part of the innovative transport engineering cluster in Tver Region. The range of rolling stock products manufactured by resident companies of the technopark is expected to exceed 300 items. Such an offer will definitely meet the growing demands of end manufacturers, whereas merging the component manufacturers into an integrated production hub, their synergy, as we expect, will make it possible for the vendors to offer the best prime costs to the market and the supreme quality of the manufactured componentry range.

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