KSC Metallkomplekt puts into operation a new painting facility

The Tver company KSC Metallkomplekt at the premises of KSC Industrial Park has put into operation a new facility for painting large-size metal products and components of railway transport. The cutting-edge equipment will improve the quality of painting and increase output of Pre-production Division of KSC Group to 5,000 sets per year.

The new pass-through line is designed for painting large-size metal products and components, in particular, welded metal structures made of steel/aluminium alloys and shaped tubes. The items are painted with liquid one-component and two-component paint materials. The cycle includes all stages of painting production: preparation of products by jet degreasing and surface phosphate treatment, drying and blowing of products to dehydrate, priming and painting of products by pneumatic and combined spraying, high-temperature drying of composite paint and varnish coating.
Seven units of painting equipment, a paint preparation chamber, as well as local treatment facilities, which meet high environmental requirements, were put into operation.

At the new site of the KSC Industrial Park, the sets of products for air conditioners of passenger cars and subway cars, containers of traction equipment, footrests of cars, fan heaters, high-voltage boxes, air ducts and other products are painted.

KSC Industrial Park is one of the largest industrial facilities in Tver and the first private industrial park in the region; in the near future, it will unite the companies leading in development and manufacture of components and equipment for transport engineering, in particular for passenger cars, subway cars, low-floor trams, special cars and other types of transport. The main consumers of the products of KSC Industrial Park residents are the manufacturers of rolling stock related to Transmashholding. From 2019 to 2022, the total investment in the project will amount to 4.23 billion roubles. By 2025, 3,500 jobs will be created at the site.
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