KSC Launches Production of New Climate Control Systems

Transcon, part of Climate Control Equipment Division of KSC Group, has launched production of an innovative climate control system for EMUs.

The new plant is a mono-body with a parallel system of refrigerant circuits operating independently of each other. This solution has increased quality and reliability of the air conditioner compared to the design used before that included two plants. Advantages of the new development also include lower power consumption, reduced maintenance costs and serviceability: access is now required to only one plant in each coach.

The new plant is equipped with a built-in control unit and an air disinfection unit with a capacity up to 7,000 m3/h; it inactivates bacteria and viruses due to the effect of bactericidal ultraviolet radiation. The plant has been specially designed for the new climate control system with an increased supply air flow rate. To increase bactericidal effectiveness, the louvers of the disinfection unit's protective grid are coated with a photoactive layer based on titanium dioxide. The disinfection system is equipped with a self-diagnostic unit, it operates in the automatic mode and is controlled by the air conditioner control system.

The new control unit integrated into the air conditioner includes a low-voltage and a high-voltage switching sections, providing 56 kW of cooling capacity and 62 kW of heating capacity. The use of an integrated control unit made it possible to exclude additional undercoach equipment. The switching unit is equipped with a high-performance controller designed and manufactured by KSC Group, which interacts with the train system via two independent communication channels, ensuring that all the requirements to operating modes are met, and maintains the climate in the coach saloon in accordance with modern sanitary rules. Additionally, based on the controller in the coach, the system of round-the-clock online monitoring of the climate control equipment parameters has been introduced to ensure prompt operation of the service and timely maintenance.

The climate control system was developed by the specialists of KSC Group Engineering Center. It took about ten months to design the product, manufacture the first prototypes and test them.

About KSC Group:
Key Systems and Components (KSC) Group of Companies was established in November 2017. It unites more than 30 Russian enterprises engaged in producing equipment and components for the transport engineering industry. KSC production facilities are located in eight regions of Russia and employ more than 7000 people. KSC Group of Companies is a member of the Union of Machine Builders of Russia.

About Transcon:
Transcon specializes in developing and manufacturing climate control systems for passenger railway transport, subway and motor transport, its production capacity exceeding 20,000 units per year. The company is located in Tver, at the premises of KSC Industrial Technopark, and employs over 200 people. It is part of Climate Control Equipment Division of KSC Group.
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