KSC TLZ and WILO RUS signed an agreement for supply of castings for impellers

Tver Foundry of KSC Group of Companies (KSC TLZ) and Wilo Rus have signed an agreement for the supply of impeller castings for pumps, as part of localizing production of pumping equipment and its components in Russia.

Currently, KSC TLZ is preparing production of a pilot batch of castings, which will be produced using a solid-formed sand rod with high geometric accuracy. The use of this technology will allow to achieve the best and stable parameters of the pump operation: desired efficiency, low noise, etc. Based on the test results of the pilot batch, the decision about serial deliveries of TLZ products to the Russian facility of Wilo Rus in Noginsk, the Moscow Region, will be made.

Nikolay Mulyarov, Managing Director of KSC LLC Management Company:

— For us, this is a sophisticated and ambitious project. The number of foundries worldwide that can meet the technical requirements for casting set by the customer is extremely limited. We have carried out large-scale preparatory work for the design engineering and production of the unique rod box featuring mechanization and mechanical automation, which allows us to remove the rod of complex shape without detachable parts. Together with Wilo Rus, we managed to find a Russian manufacturer of unique auxiliary production equipment, which is crucial for implementation of the project. We hope that our cooperation will allow Wilo Rus to fully implement the program for localizing complex pump components production in Russia; as far as KSC TLZ is concerned, we may take a stable position in this segment of the Russian market and enable deliveries to the European plants of Wilo Group.

Wilo Rus is the Russian representative of the international Wilo Group, which is one of the world's leading suppliers of pumping equipment for domestic use, as well as for the municipal sector, buildings, structures, industry and water management.
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