KSC TLZ Launches Production of New Types of Castings

Tver Foundry Plant of KSC Group of Companies (KSC TLZ) has mastered and launched large-scale serial production of a group of castings (blanks) for high-power locomotive diesel engines manufactured by JSC Penzadieselmash (a part of Transmashholding).

 Under the contract with JSC Penzadieselmash, within five months, from May to September 2020, KSC TLZ delivered 31 positions of castings: plugs, branch pipes, covers, housings for bearings and bodies for safety valves, safety valves and other parts.
In October 2020, the plant also delivered a pilot batch of castings for volute inserts of water pumps. All castings have successfully passed the incoming inspection, including a leak test with the pressure up to 10 MPa; starting from the end of October 2020 they have been delivered in series.

In addition, at the end of October 2020, KSC TLZ has started to supply Penzadieselmash with mechanically processed and fully finished products.

Vadim Tryapichkin, Head of the Foundry Production Division of KSC Group of Companies:
- As part of the development program for the companies within the Foundry Production Division of KSС Group of Companies, we have made a very important step for manufacturing and supplying the blanks (cast iron castings) for diesel engine components. Despite KSC TLZ vast experience in the field of manufacturing pneumatically and hydraulically tight castings of components for the brake system of railway rolling stock, our specialists encountered new challenges due to specific diesel engineering features. The task was successfully completed in a very short time. Entering the market for producing diesel engine components opens up new opportunities for KSC TLZ, allows it to expand the geography of its supplies, to enable diesel engine manufacturers to place orders for the manufacture of such, if I may say so, vital components for them, neutralize the consequences of sanctions risks and have a reliable supplier. Also, KSC TLZ gets the opportunity to work both in the Russian and foreign engine-building markets and face the future with confidence.

Tver Foundry Plant (KSC TLZ) specializes in production of castings from grey, high-strength, and special cast iron, and production of castings for the brake equipment of railway rolling stock and locomotives. The plant is located in Tver; the number of employees is about 120 people. It is part of the Foundry Production Division of KSC Group of Companies.
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