KSC Supports the "Corporate Blood Donation" Campaign

Eighty KSC Group employees took part in the voluntary blood donation campaign organized by KSC Youth Board as part of the Corporate Blood Donation Project. Blood collection was performed at KSC Industrial Technopark in Tver and at the blood transfusion station in Lomonosov (St. Petersburg).

In Tver, blood was collected by the regional mobile blood transfusion station. During the procedure, all the required medical and sanitary requirements were observed and the participants underwent mandatory health check-up. A total of 41 people from Tver and Torzhok donated their blood, 27 of them participated for the first time in such an event. In Lomonosov, volunteers (a total of 39 KSC employees) came to the blood transfusion station. The collected biological material will be further processed and sent to the reserve of regional medical institutions.

This is the first large-scale blood donation campaign as part of the Corporate Blood Donation project. At Tver sites, the project was launched in summer 2021, with over 30 KSC representatives participating in the first blood donation. Among employees from other cities, the campaign sparked great interest, therefore the decision was taken to launch a larger project that would cover the entire KSC Group geography.

In the future, the events will be held on a quarterly basis. The campaign at other KSC sites is in the pipeline, Research and Production Association Voyage LLC in Kameshkovo, Vladimir Region, being one of the candidates. To this date, 35 its employees have already submitted applications to participate in voluntary blood donation.

The Corporate Blood Donation project has a high social significance and is aimed at promoting and developing donor movements in the cities where KSC enterprises are located.
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