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Single-compressor units of the KAP series

Холодильное однокомпрессорные агрегаты применяются в составе холодильных систем для технологических процессов и кондиционирования на промышленых предприятиях, оснощения складов хранения и морозильных камер, изготовления продуктов питания в торговых организациях.
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Refrigerants: Freon (R404a, R507a, R134a, R407a, etc.), Ammonia (R717), Carbon Dioxide (R744);
Used compressors: screw Bitzer, Bitzer, Frascold, Fusheng, Snowman, etc.
The range of cooling capacity of the units: from 18 to 2500 kW.
The boiling point of the refrigerant: The
boiling mode for the medium-temperature version is from +10 to -15 °C.
Boiling mode for low-temperature versions from -15°C and below.
Refrigerant condensation temperature: from +35 to +60 °C
Compressor: the number of compressors is from one to five. Semi-hermetic or open
screw compressors with a set of oil return valves (oil flow relay, filter, oil pump
(for open compressors), sight glass, electromagnetic valve, shut-off valve), with
shut-off valves on the discharge line of each compressor, vibration supports for each
compressor, with performance regulators included in the standard factory supply.
Protective high and low pressure switches for each compressor. Instrument panel with
high and low pressure gauges.
Discharge line: a discharge manifold, an oil separator with heating elements, a level switch and a
safety valve, a shut-off valve on the oil return line, a pressure regulator in the oil
separator, a check or check valve (depending on the model of the unit) at the
outlet, a sleeve for installing a temperature sensor.
Suction line:
suction manifold, pipeline, filter cleaner (for each
compressor), thermal insulation, shut-off valve / valves (number depending on the model) at the
entrance to the unit.
The system for maintaining pressure in the oil separator: a pilot valve on the discharge line, a
check valve on the line for draining the refrigerant into the receiver, a bypass line with
a condensation pressure regulator, a pressure regulator in the receiver, a check valve and a shut-off valve.
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