Promising projects

The strategy of KSC Group of Companies implies a constant search for new prospects and directions of development. The promising segments include public and commercial motor transport, agricultural and construction vehicles, and shipbuilding.
Rolling stock equipment monitoring system Electronic and Electrical Components Division has been engaged in development of a platform allowing online monitoring for operation of the equipment mounted in the rolling stock. The system records all the events and subsequently transmits them into a central server. Its utilization will enable to early discover potential malfunctions in the equipment and take timely repairs, reducing the rolling stock downtime, mitigating the risk of equipment failure while on the travel route.
Interiors and furniture for shipbuilding and aviation

The development of shipbuilding and aircraft construction in Russia requires an appropriate development of production facilities for the industrial-scale manufacture of interior parts and furniture. The competencies of the Interior and Exterior Division fully meet the needs and allow us to consider these industries as points of future growth.

Industrial and transport refrigeration equipment

The growing demand and increasing requirements for the transport and storage of perishable goods cause a significant potential in the market of appropriate equipment for manufacturers, logistics companies and commercial networks. Following the market requirements, the Climate Control Equipment Division has already started active development in this sphere.

Industrial lighting

In Russia, the market of professional LED luminaries has been successfully developing for many years. The competencies and capacities of the Electronic and Electrical Components Division in the field of the production of LED luminaries allow us to be optimistic about the development of KSC in this segment.

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