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Driver's cabin of EMU leading car

The driver's cabin for EMUs consists of a fiberglass front structure with a steel frame, external fairings and an interior. It is attached to the main frame of the leading car.

The design of the driver's cabin body provides safe and effective control of running, convenient and safe access to all instruments and devices during operation, maintenance and repair, free movement in the cab, convenience of performing all operations to control the EMU both in the sitting and standing position.

The EMU driver's cabin consists of:

  • Load-bearing frame

  • Upper fairing

  • Lower fairing

  • Partitions

  • Fiberglass elements of the interior and exterior

Advantages of driver's cabins:

  • Easy to install and replace

  • Improved thermal insulation and ventilation

  • Increased viewing angle through the front windows
High quality materials and components
Long service life
Easy to install and replace
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