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The sanitary unit is designed for:

  • Addressing the physiological and hygienic needs of passengers, including those of a disabled person in a wheelchair with an accompanying person, and the rail bus staff during operation;

  • Storage of wastes in the drain tank until their removal using a dedicated sewage truck or stationary servicing complexes (SSC).

  • a vacuum lavatory bowl;
  • an accumulator tank;
  • a water tank;
  • a ventilation unit;
  • a sanitary unit control panel (SUCP);
  • a wash basin with a button-activated water supply;
  • interior (fiberglass flooring, wall lining, ceiling, door) of the toilet, in vandal-resistant version;
  • toilet cubicle malfunction and occupancy indicating elements with a set of explanatory signs;
  • two pipelines for filling of water supply tanks on both sides of the coach;
  • two pipelines that ensure withdrawal of the accumulator tank;
  • a pipeline for flushing of accumulator tank;
  • a water tank overflow pipeline;
  • a pipeline to carry the drains from the vacuum lavatory bowl to the accumulator tank;
  • ventilation pipeline for the accumulator tank;
  • undercarriage water tank filling and accumulator tank withdrawal indicating units.

Adaptation to client requirements
High protection against external penetration (access)

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