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The unit is a refrigeration plant comprising a compressor, combined heat exchanger and liquid cooler, water-cooled heat exchanger with a condenser, and refrigeration automatic control devices.


The heat-transfer medium cooling units (BOT) are designed for refrigeration supply of air treatment units for ventilation and air conditioning systems installed in watercraft, ships, vessels, gas production platforms, floating drilling rigs, and stationary offshore platforms.

  • Highly efficient and reliable compressor and heat exchangers.
  • Corrosion-resistant version.
  • The heat exchanger is sea-water resistant.
  • Compact version.
  • Cooling capacity regulation.
  • Separate control cabinet.
  • An available version featuring heat pump mode.
  • Vibratory bearings.

Adaptation to client requirements
Compliance with industry standards
High quality materials and components
Long service life
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Cooling capacity, kW8,7
Frequency, Hz 50 Гц
Operating current for 380 V, A 3,1
Maximum operating current for 380 V, A 5,1
Blocked rotor current per one 380 V compressor, A 32
Minimum heat-transfer medium consumption, l/h 1500
Minimum seawater consumption, l/h 1140
Overall size (L×W×H), mm510 × 475 × 710
Weight, kg60
* BOT.MS-1-10/ BOT.MS-1-12 / BOT.MS-1-15 / BOT.MS-1-18 specifications are available upon request
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