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UK.MS-4 & UK.MS-8

 Designed to supply treated (heated or cooled) outdoor air to the serviced premises of watercraft, vessels, gas production platforms, floating drilling rigs, and stationary offshore platforms.

  • Efficient fans.
  • A special protective coating of the heat exchanger.
  • Corrosion-resistant version.
  • Compact version.
  • Output capacity regulation.
  • Control cabinet and control panel, separately.
  • Vibratory bearings.
Adaptation to client requirements
Compliance with industry standards
High quality materials and components
Long service life


Housing - 1 pc.
Fan - 1 pc.
Liquid heat exchanger - 1 pc.
Electric air heater - 1 pc.
Automation control devices - 1 pc.
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         Cooling capacity, kW* 4,0
         Air consumption, m³/h 900  
         Quantity and power consumption of electric heater, kW2×1
         Heat-transfer medium connection
         Overall size (L×W×H), mm*640 × 585 × 475
         Cooling capacity, kW* 8,0
         Air consumption, m³/h 1600
         Quantity and power consumption of electric heater, kW4×1
         Heat-transfer medium connection
         Overall size (L×W×H), mm*640 × 585 × 475  
* Overall size is subject to updates when approving the technical documentation.
Technical details may be changed when the requirements of a specific order are agreed upon
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