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EVP-110 Electrical Equipment Packages

Using embedded devices, the package is performing the following functions:

  • Automatic detection of fire outbreak signs in early stages, temperature and smoke spread monitoring, display of information on the mimic diagram;

  • Collection and storage of information about coach equipment operation and occurrence of abnormalities, with its transmissibility to fixed facilities using a GSM 900/1800 radio network

  • Arrangement of wired and wireless data transmission between networks of the neighboring electrical equipment packages;

  • Arrangement of access and security for coach rooms and compartments, restricted access to the control panel by access cards ((hereinafter, the access system);

  • Display of video content on internal and external information boards

  • Visualization of parameters and control of coach equipment using the coach-based visualization system, with a feature to control the coach systems;

  • Monitoring, diagnostics and control of coach equipment with the aid of an automated control system and software

  • Alarming in case of abnormal deviations;

  • Control of the coach climate control equipment in automatic mode, subject to the algorithms embedded in the software.

The package provides for the possibility of mounting additional software and equipment. Average service life is 20 years minimum.


  • MDC — Master and diagnostics controller. An industrial computer with dedicated software MDCS - coach electrical equipment monitoring, diagnostics, and control system.

  • CEEMCS — Coach electrical equipment modular control system. A system for collecting, processing of information and electrical equipment control. Jointly with the MDCS controls the coach electrical equipment and inspects its condition

  • TMIS — telematic monitoring intelligent system

  • CVS-C —Coach-based visualization system with control function. A panel computer with dedicated software, the main element of train attendant’s interaction with the coach electrical equipment.

  • LANS — LAN switches

  • CEECU — Coach electrical equipment control unit

  • ISTC — Telemetry monitoring system

  • CMACSS — Coach monitoring, access control and security system

  • WRFICS — Wireless radio frequency information communications system

  • FACS —fire alarm and control system

  • CIC — Coach information controller

  • AHMP — Axlebox heating monitoring package

  • Internal power supply system

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