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The coach electrical equipment modular control system, together with the coach electrical equipment monitoring, diagnostics, and control system (MDCS) is designed to control the coach electrical equipment, display information about coach electrical equipment operation, entry of coach electrical equipment control commands.

Modules that are part of the CEEMCS:

  • KMR-Т – temperature controller of expansion modules;

  • MDV-24 – 24 V discrete inputs module;

  • MDV-110 - 110 V discrete inputs module;

  • MDV-220 - 220 V discrete inputs module;

  • MAV-Т – Analog inputs module – temperatures;

  • MAV-А - Analog inputs module – amperes;

  • MAV-V - Analog inputs module – volts;

  • MAV-А/V - Analog inputs module – amperes/volts;

  • MDS – Discrete signal module;

  • MDS-R – Discrete signal module – relay;

  • MAS-V – Analog signal module – volts
Adaptation to client requirements
High protection against external penetration (access)
Up-to-date element base
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