• 3 000 +
  • 65 000  m2
    of production facilities
  • 700 + units
    of process equipment

The Pre-Production division provides the entire cycle of preparatory production, including the purchase of material, process preparation, quality control and delivery of finished products as well.

The division includes KSС Metallkomplekt and KSС TLZ enterprises located in Tver. KSС TLZ entered the perimeter of the The Pre-Production Division in 2021 as a result of the reorganization of the Foundry Division.

The various production sites of the Division are equipped with Bystronic and TRUMPF laser systems, bending machines by TRUMPF, and a FlatMaster sheet-straightening machine by ARKU. 

The up-to-date high-performance CNC equipment allows for precise processing of workpieces made of carbon and alloy steel, aluminium alloys, bronze, and brass. Large-sized machines enable working with large-sized workpieces and mechanical processing of welded structures. 

 All products are covered by a guarantee.


  • Production of parts and components of various complexity and configuration from various materials for passenger cars, electric trains, locomotives and other types of rolling stock, with observance of the strict requirements for dimensional accuracy.
  • Welding production: contact spot welding of various products, including large-sized critical items and items of complex configuration; semi-automatic shield-gas welding with consumable electrode: for products made of carbon and stainless steels, heat-resistant and heat-proof nickel alloys, aluminium alloys, etc.; TIG — tungsten-arc inert-gas welding of products made of carbon steels, stainless steels, non-ferrous metals and alloys, aluminium; also, manual arc welding and gouging with a carbon electrode is possible; condenser welding.
  • Machining of large-size welded structures for railway transport: mainline / shunting diesel and electric locomotives, electric trains, passenger cars, metro cars, trams; parts for special vehicles: excavators, generators, escalators, mining equipment; metal products of complex shape with increased requirements for machining accuracy; components of pneumatic equipment and fittings for pipeline connections.
  • Paint production: paint and drying facility of the pass-through type for surface preparation, phosphate treatment, priming, painting and drying of parts and assemblies that are welded metal structures made of steel and aluminium sheets and shaped tubes; chamber of surface preparation for degreasing/phosphate treatment and washing of products before painting, in order to ensure the corrosion resistance of the paintwork; drying and dehumidification chamber for high-temperature drying of products before painting and for cooling them to ambient temperature; priming chamber for preparing products for painting; primer drying chamber for high-temperature drying of the primer coating of products; painting chamber for applying the final coating on products; primer drying chamber for high-temperature drying of the final coating of products; paint-and-drying chamber for priming, painting and drying of paintwork, and for repair painting of products as well.
  • Production of spare parts and components from various grades of steel according to the client's drawings and within the framework of cooperation under the order of JSC Russian Railways. Production of blank flanges for shut-off valves according to GOST 12820-80.
  • Production of stamped forgings of any complexity weighing up to 40 kg, hand-forged forgings up to 250 kg, bending of sheet and bar rolled products, as well as production for other industries (agriculture, tractor construction, locomotive construction).
  • Foundry Production: castings weighing up to 20 kg (belt-line type production)


2 enterprise
KSC Metallkomplekt LLC Tver
KSC Tver Foundry Plant LLC Tver


Deputy General Director
Grigory Monankov
45, Pasha Savelyeva str., Tver
+7 (4822) 41 69 23 Reception
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