KSC Group Launches an Automated Complex for Manufacturing Plastic Components

29 May 2024

Transcon (part of Climate Control Equipment Division of KSC Group) has launched trial operation of an automated complex for manufacturing and processing plastic components. The first prototype of a cover for bus air conditioning systems was manufactured using new high-tech equipment.

The new complex is equipped with a Russian-made TVFS-2PA thermal vacuum molding machine and an industrial milling robot with six degrees of freedom of the robotic arm, the reach exceeding 3 meters and automatic cutting tool change. The use of robotic equipment ensures a high level of automation of the product processing cycle, enhancing the efficiency and productivity of the complex.

The technology of thermal vacuum molding of parts fr om Russian-made ABS/PMMA sheet plastic is used to manufacture components. The material is highly shockproof, even at sub-zero temperatures, resistant to environmental stresses and mechanical loads and is characterized by antibacterial properties, which enables to produce high-quality products and reduce emissions. In addition, waste created by trimming plastic will be sent to the supplier for further processing.

The high-tech complex is installed at Transcon production site in Tver. The first prototype of a cover for the city bus air conditioning system was manufactured using new equipment and submitted for internal inspection. In the future, there are plans to use new equipment for producing high-quality plastic components for custom vehicles, trolleybuses, and special-purpose vehicles. The daily production capacity of the complex ranges from 40 to 70 units, depending on the size of the parts and the material used.

About KSC Group:
Key Systems and Components (KSC) Group was established in November 2017. It unites more than 40 Russian enterprises engaged in producing equipment and components for the transport engineering industry. KSC production facilities are located in ten regions of Russia and employ more than 12,500 people. KSC Group is a member of the Union of Machine Builders of Russia.

About Transcon:
Transcon is part of Climate Control Equipment Division of KSC Group, it develops and produces climate control systems for rail and wheeled vehicles. The enterprise production sites are located in Tver, wh ere over 520 people are employed.
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